EroticaBabes - Alice Wonder nude treadmill


EroticaBabes - Alice Wonder nude treadmill
We join Alice on our treadmill. She is nude apart from a pair of training shoes. She starts the treadmill going and commences at a slow walking pace. Her slim toned form looks hot as she moves her body. The shape of her calves, thighs and ass are wonderful as she flows with ease at this pace. She speeds up the treadmill to a jog and still she looks effortless. Her long hair sways and ripples as she jogs. We slow the motion down 4 times slower than normal in places, as well as some sequences at 50% slower than normal. A real mix of slow, very slow and normal speed for you to ogle and see Alice's shape and form as she works out. This was shot with a single pro camera and we move around giving you a whole host of different angles and framing. Alice truly is a wonder. See what we did there.

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workout/gym long hair slow motion jogging treadmill