EroticaBabes - Anastasia Lux nude treadmill


EroticaBabes - Anastasia Lux nude treadmill
Anastasia is using our treadmill. She starts fully nude and warms up at a gentle walking pace. Her large boobs bobbing and swaying as she moves. Two camera angles were used in this video, a close up and a medium wide shot. We swap between the two view points throughout the video. After just over a minute, Anastasia turns up the speed a little. We focus on her large ass as it wobbles and shimmies as she walks. At 2 minutes in she's into fast paced walking on the treadmill. Whoa! It's all going on, her body is moving and wobbling to the pace she is setting. Boobs, thighs, ass all get into the action and bounce along. We move to a close up frontal view of those marvellous tits as they bounce and sway from side to side. We move around Anastasia's body with the camera giving you different viewpoints. She slows the treadmill down at 03:30 and does some slow paced walking. Pushing out with her legs on long strides and holding onto the hand rests. Then she's off again! at 04:20 she has turned up the speed and she's on jogging speed. That ass! Well it's not just her ass, all of her is marvellous. She slows down again at 04:50 for some more slow paced walking. We spend the time focusing on her ass and side profile as she walks on the treadmill. Oh the joy! She looks and smiles at you, you know she's going to go fast again! Can you wait, can you keep your load? 07:00 and it's back to running! Yes those tits are doing their own thing, so too her thighs, ass and tummy. It's marvellous. A smile from Anastasia as she jogs on. A close up of her tits, of her ass, her feet pounding away. The she slows the treadmill down and at 08:00 she brings it to a stop. From 08:26 to the end of the video is slow motion. The whole sequence is slow motion, just under 4 minutes to bring yourself to the edge and beyond. Enjoy Anastasia on the treadmill, exercise has never been so much fun

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