EroticaBabes - Angelic Kitten horse whip


EroticaBabes - Angelic Kitten horse whip
Well it's not exactly a horse whip, more a horse and a crop, but horse whip scanned better as a title! In this scene Angelic Kitten explores our bondage horse and then gets tied to it with leather restraints. She is wearing assless chaps so what better idea that to give her some strokes on her arse with a riding crop. There's some great slow motion sequences in the video of her arse wobble under the pressure of the crop when it makes contact. The camera is in nice and close at the end of sequence when she is getting spanked with the crop so you really get to see her ass cheeks wobble and react to the crop. The spanking does turn her ass red, but does not break the skin or leave red stripes. The video was shot in HD 1080p.

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bondage restraints ass worship ass smacking spanking slow motion