EroticaBabes - Ariel Anderssen Clumsy Knickers


EroticaBabes - Ariel Anderssen Clumsy Knickers
Ariel Anderssen is going on a date. She knows that knicker choice is important in these situations. We join her as she decides which pair to wear from a large collection of panties she has shortlisted. She is a little clumsy and unsteady at times as she puts on and removes each pair of knickers. She wobbles, jiggles and moves about as she steps into and out of the leg holes. She also is keen that they won't fall down at inappropriate moments. This is a date not a strip show! To that end she jiggles, wobbles and shakes her ass and thighs to make sure they pass the test. The first part of the video is 09:34 MM:SS in duration. The remainder of the video is a sequence in slow motion. Slowed down to 75% normal speed and in crisp clear footage. You see Ariel's ass, legs and body move, bounce, jiggle and wobble as she tries on each pair of panties. Oh the joy. Another Ariel classic and exclusive to EroticaBabes.

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panty fetish lace/lingerie ass shaking slow motion jiggle