EroticaBabes - Ariel Anderssen restrained enjoyment


EroticaBabes - Ariel Anderssen restrained enjoyment
Ariel Anderssen finds herself in an abandoned warehouse in the centre of a large busy town. She stumbles across a metal collar and chain attached to a pipe and considers restraining herself, this idea really turns her on, especially if she got caught. She plays with the chain, then puts on the metal collar and padlocks the chain to the collar. She then finds a pair of handcuffs, Italian Bagno handcuffs for those that want to know. The video was shot some time ago, so the sound quality is not as good as our current videos. The noisy city centre traffic brings more realism and tension to the scene. Video is HD 1080p 1920 x 1080 resolution

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blonde bondage restraints handcuff and shackle fetish bondage