EroticaBabes - Ashleigh Doll suction stool


EroticaBabes - Ashleigh Doll suction stool
Slim and stacked Ashleigh Doll has a suction dildo stuck on a stool. She is nude and fingering the tip of the dildo. She rubs the tip of the toy on her clit. She plays with her pussy lips and teases the tip around her lips. She pulls up her knees and then pushes the very tip of the toy into her pussy and then pulls it out against. She stands up and straddles the toy. The sinks down onto it, wiggling her hips from side to side as she does. She starts to ride the toy. Up and down and backwards and forwards. Her actions are slow and deliberate at this stage. She then looks you in the eye and starts to move a little faster up and down on the toy. She is starting to enjoy the feeling of it inside her. She pulls out and plays with her meaty pussy lips. Pulling them apart and letting go where they fall back into position. She pushes the tip of the toy back around her pussy. She decides she needs the cock in her again. She stands up and moves to a reverse cowboy position. She drops onto the toy and starts again to slowly ride it, sinking lower and lower down the shaft with each thrust. She rubs one hand over her ass and thighs as she rides, long and slow, long and slow. Up and down on the toy. There are two cameras used in this scene, a real close up shot, and a slightly wider shot. We swap between the two camera angles throughout the video. Ashleigh is quite quiet throughout the video, just making the odd whimper and moan as she fucks the toy. She pulls out quite often and then remounts the toy. Up and down she goes building up a rhythm. You can see some close up shots of her pussy skin riding up and down and stretching around the toy as she takes it in and out of her. She stands up and turns around again to face the front. She fingers her big pussy lips which hang down between her legs. She sits on the stool and continues to rub her pussy. Massaging her clit and enjoying the sensation. Then it's another ride on the toy. Wide open legs and taking the toy inside her. She pushes down deeper into the toy. She sits down, still with the toy inside her. She leans back and plays with her clit, rubbing and bringing herself to an orgasm. She still rides against the cock as she plays with her pussy. The whole scene is done at a gentle pace and there's plenty of close up shots of Ashleigh's pussy and ass. She has a super slender body and great tits

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