EroticaBabes - Bad Dolly nude power plate jiggle


EroticaBabes - Bad Dolly nude power plate jiggle
This is Bad Dolly's first shoot with us and she gets to try out our brand new power plate. This device rocks from side to side at speed and creates a phenomenal effect on the body. Dolly explains what is going on and how she feels. You can see her whole body as it vibrates, wobbles, jiggles and shimmies as she adjusts per position on the device as well as the speed and intensity of the vibrations. We have added a slow motion sequence on the end of the video which is delightful and looks very sexy. Watching Dolly's thighs, ass, tummy wobble, quiver and shake is a real turn on. Fully nude apart from a pair of trainers, Dolly has a fabulous body. All natural with great proportions. We already love the power plate and will certainly be using it again and again with all the models we shoot with.

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