EroticaBabes - Blue Sapphire & Roxy treadmill runners


EroticaBabes - Blue Sapphire & Roxy treadmill runners
Roxy is trying to get Sapphire, a reluctant fitness participant, to get some sweat going on the treadmill. Sapphire gets on to the treadmill and starts off at a rather slow pace. Roxy takes charge of the speed and incline buttons and gives Sapphire a harder workout. Let's see those boobs bounce she says. Sapphire runs for about 8 minutes or so and you get to see her slender form and large boobs from various angles and positions. There is more focus on her legs, ass and back with wider framed shots taking in Roxy too. There's no frontal boob shots of either girl on the treadmill as the lighting was not conducive to that view. Roxy then takes a turn on the treadmill and runs for about 10 minutes too, Sapphire looks on in admiration and plays with her boobs and slides her hand down to her pussy as she watches Roxy. The final sequence is a long slow motion section of about 9 minutes on the end of the video. The quality of the video picture is not up to our usual standards, the action is very watchable with good audio. The picture has suffered from being filmed underexposed slightly causing a very slight break up of the colours. There are multiple camera angles throughout the duration of the video covering wide and close up shots.

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workout/gym ass shaking slow motion exercise treadmill