EroticaBabes - Candi Blows hula pussy


EroticaBabes - Candi Blows hula pussy
Candi is doing her thing with the hula hoop and she's rather good at it. She starts by doing some poses with the hoop and shows off her great body. Slim and toned with great tits. She is completely nude from the start and begins hula hooping at 01:00 mm:ss in. She's a natural at it and makes it look very easy. She swings and sways her hips keeping the hoop in motion and around her waist. She stops the hoops and changes position, this time from side on. You can see the weight of the hoop pushing into her flesh as it rotates around her body. She stops the hoop again and turns to show us her back and ass. More hula hooping and we get to see her cute ass clenching and swaying as she get the hoop in the air. She can hula hoop in either direction too, as well as slow it down and speed it up! Marvellous, she makes it look so easy. It is rather mesmerising as the hoop just keeps on going, it seem effortless. Candi is now rotating around in slow motion as she hula hoops, her boobs bouncing and swaying as she moves. Her arms held high so not to interfere with the rotation of the hoop. From 05:39 mm:ss we show you the scene again in slow motion. We shot the whole scene with 2 cameras one in close and one as a medium wide. We cut between the two viewpoint for the duration of the video. The slow motion sequences are mainly on the close up camera which allows you to really focus on her body and the hoop as it presses against her skin as she rotates it. her boobs jiggle, bounce and sway with her motion. Love the slow motion it really shows off her fit trim body and you get plenty of time to built up your own motion in time with Candi's. That's a whole 6 minutes of slow motion! Fantastic

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