EroticaBabes - Charley Green Ellie Roe treadmill spank


EroticaBabes - Charley Green Ellie Roe treadmill spank
Charley is helping Ellie try out her new treadmill exercise regime with the added encouragement. Charley is not too sure, she's not a gym bunny. But as they are friends she offers to help her. Ellie gives encouragement and some taps on the ass to keep her moving. Charley soon gets into the idea and loves the taps on her boobs that Ellie gives her with the crop. Charley is getting hot and is not wearing a bra. She pulls up her top so her boobs bounce and swing about. Ellie wants to get her hands on those tits. Charley starts to get faster, Ellie speeds the machine up a bit and then there's a bit of competition between the two girls to see who can get the furthest distance on the machine. Charley is moving quickly and bouncing her boobs as she moves. Her calves are burning and she is working hard. Ellie keeps giving her taps on her tits and ass. They are both having fun and enjoying the idea. Charley counts down her time and she's done about a quarter of a mile. Her time is up and she presses the wrong button, accidently speeding up the machine by mistake. Ellie jumps in to save the day! They look at the distance, 0.29 of a mile. Charley gets off the machine and Charley suggests Ellie should have a go to see if she can beat her score. Charley asks questions about the best approach. Charley spanks Ellie in a playful way as she builds up her speed. Ellie's boobs are bouncing in her crop top, they look awesome at slow speed. They discuss working together with clients. Ellie's boobs are popping out, Charley teases her. Charley encourages Ellie and she starts to jog. Ellie's boobs look awesome as she jogs. Ellie thinks her boobs are about to pop out, Charley gives her encouragement spanks. They work well together. Ellie's tit falls out. She slows downs and gets both of her boobs out. She is a slow paced walk and they are still chatting and having fun. Charley says Ellie should power the last 30 seconds. She obliges and jogs with her tits out bouncing about. Charley counts down the time and they congratulate each other. At 12:24 MM:SS we show you a complete slow motion sequence. First with Charley with her bouncing tits when she was doing her fast walking and then with Ellie and her faster paced session. Those tits bouncing free and in slow motion are glorious. The scene was shot with 2 cameras and we swap between the 2 camera angles throughout the duration of the video. Shot in HD 1080p using two high end DSLR cameras with separate high quality audio.

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