EroticaBabes - Charley Green Ellie Roe twerk audition


EroticaBabes - Charley Green Ellie Roe twerk audition
Charley and Ellie are sitting on a coffee table waiting for their turn. They start chatting about how long they have been waiting. They find out that they are both auditing for the twerking and that there's 3 or 4 places on offer. From some reason Charley has her tits out! Ellie's boobs are a little more restrained in a cleavage busting top. The video was shot with two cameras giving two camera angles; a medium close up and a medium wide shot. We swap between the two viewpoints throughout the duration of the video. The girls are chatting about the audition and getting to know each other. Charley, ever the inquisitive one, asks Ellie to show her moves. Ellie obliges and gets onto the coffee table and pushes her ass in the air and starts to twerk her ass. Charley compliments her on her moves. Ellie's tits have popped out as she sits back down. Then it's Charley's turn to show her moves. They compliment each other on there moves. Hold on, they've just been called for the audition. And they wand to see both girls together at the same time. They decide on how naked they should be, and Ellie unbuttons her gusset strap and pulls up to show her pussy and ass. They bend over and Ellie starts to jiggle. Both girls are bouncing and jiggling. they spank each other playfully. They decide to swing their boobs as well. What's the harm. They start to slap their boobs together. They compliment each other on their boobs. They play with each other's boobs and rub them together. They then decide to do the same with their bums. They get down on all fours and jiggle their asses. Charley is hands on with Ellie's ass and then Ellie returns the favour. Ellie notices that they have been called over and both girls leave the scene at 05:30 mm:ss. The remainder of the video is the same sequences as before but all in slow motion. It's edited just to show the wobbling bits, rather than the girls chatting in between. So it's full on ass and boob wobbling in solo mode and with both girls together. Oh the joy. Ellie's curvy wobbly ass is a joy to behold. Especially when Charley spanks it. Charley's ass is delightful too and they look like a great pair. The boobs wobbling is the best, wobble, shake, swing and shimmy. And don't forget the clapping too. There's no sound on the slow motion sequences, as the girls were chatting all the way through the sound did not come over very well. So feast your eyes and your dicks on the girls shaking, wobbling and twerking their stuff

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