EroticaBabes - Charley Green hoover my tits


EroticaBabes - Charley Green hoover my tits
Charley has been left one final job to do before she can clock off for the day. Her boss has left the vacuum cleaner out, plugged in with a note on it. She is slightly annoyed as he never said anything about the task, but she gets on with it. In her maid outfit, which does little to cover her massive tits. She starts to vacuum the floor and then gets down on all fours to do the edges. She is not wearing any knickers so you get to see her pussy and ass as she bends over. Turning round we focus on her huge boobs. They bob and sway as she uses the vacuum cleaner. Her boobs fall out from her top and she leave them to fall naturally. We focus on her tits as she shakes, wobbles and makes them shimmy as she works. She then decides that the cleaner is not working very well, it's not picking up anything. She turns it off, sits down and then turns the hoover back on again and tries it on herself to see how much suction it has. She makes ring marks on her tits and her ass. She pulls the nozzle away from her tits and pulls them upwards and lets them fall back against her chest. Her tits are massive and are very heavy, the suction tugs on her boob and gives it a great look as she pulls the nozzle away. She leaves a temporary mark on her boob from the suction which quickly disappears. We show you some slow motion sequences of this boob action, which is hot and sexy to say the least. Big natural boobs are certainly centre stage here.

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