EroticaBabes - Charley Green hula boobs


EroticaBabes - Charley Green hula boobs
This is a recent shoot with Charley, March 2020 and we asked her to do loads of scenes that got her boobs bouncing and jiggling! What better than a hula hoop session. She went on to say that she used to be great at it, but it was years ago and had never touched one since. Plus her huge boobs don't help as they get in the way. Still being a trouper that she is she was happy to give it a go! Wearing a short plaid skirt Charley tries to recall her previous skills. She does well in fact and manages quite a few longish session with the hoop. She was pleased with herself. This was filmed with 2 cameras and we swap between the two viewpoints through the duration of the video. We have added a whole slow motion sequence on the end of the video, in fact it's actually longer than the main part! Slowed to 50% speed with awesome quality in HD you really get to see Charley's massive boobs as she exercises. We knew you would enjoy the normal speed and the slow motion sequences.

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