EroticaBabes - Charley Green in Charley spanks


EroticaBabes - Charley Green in Charley spanks
Charley Green starts off nude in the scene and stays nude. She starts in a standing position behind our bondage horse. She picks up a wide leather strap and puts it around her boob, tightening the buckle on her boob flesh. She wiggles and jiggles the boob and then puts a second strap on her other boob. The two straps don't stay on long, after removing them Charley joins the two straps together to make one long strap and applies that around both boobs. There's still loads of boob sticking out of the bondage. She drops her tits onto the top of the bondage horse and starts to spank each tit with her hand. There's some satisfying smacks of hand on flesh. She then bounces up and down and drags her boobs across the top of the horse. She then releases the straps and plays with her boobs. She lays them on the top of the bondage horse and sways them side to side, there's some great slow motion sequences her. She plays with her boobs, hanging them over the edge of the horse and spanking them and jiggling and bouncing her boobs. Again slow motion is interspersed with normal speed footage. There are two camera angles used here, a close up and a medium wide shot. We swap between the two viewpoint throughout the video. There's no chatter from Charley this time, we asked her to be quiet! Some feat! All you hear is her spanking her tits and ass and the noise of the body as she moves about and slaps her tits on the bondage horse. There's a great little sequence where Charley picks up her boobs, each in turn and together, and lets them drop onto the horse. In slow motion to get to hear the thud as they fall and see the ripples as the boobs settle. The spend about 7:00 minutes on Charley's boobs and then she comes around the front of the bondage horse and we concentrate on her ass. You notice that we have used the wide leather straps to secure her ankles to the legs of the bondage horse. Charley shakes and wobbles her ass for you in this segment. The lighting shows off the shape and form of her ass and it's wonderful curves. There are slow motion sequences of her shaking her ass. A wonderful sight for sure. She also starts to light her butt cheeks and spank her ass at 08:25. There's some nice close up shots and wider framed angles of these actions. Slow motion also makes a welcome appearance again. We've even left the slowed audio on there so you get to hear a slow audible spank! Charley wobbles, shakes, shimmies her ass and gives it playful spanks with her hands. She swaps between each ass cheek as well as doing both cheeks in unison. The rest of the video through to the end concentrates on Charley's ass as she plays, jiggles, spanks, spreads and gives you ass worship material

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