EroticaBabes - Charley Green little people squashing


EroticaBabes - Charley Green little people squashing
Charley Green has her massive natural tits out and is being a giantess to the little people. She tells you what she can do to them and then follows it up with a demonstration of her might. Her massive tits squash and envelop the little people. She sends them scattering as she drops her tit onto them from above. She picks them up and places them into her cleavage. They get lost and you can't even see that they are there. Charley chats to you as she does all of this telling you what she thinks of the little people. We show you the action at normal speed and in slow motion too. The scene was shot with two Sony A7III camera at 1080p resolution at 100FPS. This allows us to slow down the action by 50% without any loss of quality. One of the cameras is low down at the same level as the little people so you can see what they see when a massive amount of tit flesh covers them. The other camera follows Charley more although we still see her as a giantess, so most often looking up at her. We cuts between the two viewpoints throughout the video. The sound is recorded separately and added in the edit for best quality. If you love big natural boobs, then this clip is for you. If you love giantess, then buy this. If you love Charley then again, this is for you.

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