EroticaBabes - Charley Green practising my twerking


EroticaBabes - Charley Green practising my twerking
Charley Green wants to practise her twerking. She wants you to see if she is doing it working. She has a mirror to check her action. She wobbles from side to side but is not sure if it is enough. Her thighs and ass shake, wobble and. Jiggle as she moves. She changes positions and asks you how she is getting one. She pulls out her tits as she is getting hot. Her thigh wobbling is great with one leg raised on a chair and she tells you about how you would plough her from behind with your big cock. She then moves onto all fours and lets her massive boobs hang free as she wobbles and wiggles her ass. This was shot with two cameras, one in close and one slightly wider, the action cuts between the two viewpoints. The quality and sound is great. There's a whole slow motion sequence from 09:31 mm:ss which runs until the end of the video. 25% normal speed, slow with great quality. No flicker or poor picture. We added it one the end rather than break up the flow of Charley talking to you. How is she getting on? Let Charley know how much you like her shapes and poses. Her ass and tits look amazing as she bounces them, swings them and spanks her ass occasionally. She lets you about how she would love your hard cock banging against her thighs and ass.

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