EroticaBabes - Charley Green side boob cleanup


EroticaBabes - Charley Green side boob cleanup
Charley is cleaning up for a sexy pyjama party she has arranged for her girlfriends. As she will tell you she is a bit behind in her chores having spent time on the food, drinks, hair and makeup and so on. This means her housework is being done in the sexy little number she is wearing tonight. She tells you all about why her floor is so dirty, it involves body paint and the girls from a previous party they had! She decided you have joined so you need to see her tits! Yes please Charley! She pulls her boobs out from her lingerie top and continues to chat to you, talking dirty and telling you about you all getting your cocks out and wanking over her tits. She teases you with the mop handle, putting it between her tits and squeezing them together. She tells you about what you could do to her. There's some slow motion boob bouncing in this clip. Most of the time Charley is chatting to you about the party and what you could do to her if you were there. This was shot with 2 cameras and we swap between the video points throughout the video. Charley and her massive tits at her best!

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