EroticaBabes - Charley Green skips - jump rope


EroticaBabes - Charley Green skips - jump rope
Charley's personal trainer has suggested rope skipping with no bra on. We are all for this idea, it's marvellous. Charley starts with a black top covering her boobs and then soon finds it's better to pull it up so her tits are free to bounce as she skips. We have shown her skipping at normal speed and also at 25% speed. At the end we have added a second camera viewpoint and we show the whole sequence at 50% speed. You get lots of normal speed and two variations of slow motion speed. All the time you will see Charley's massive tits crash against her stomach as she skips and jumps. Her boobs defy gravity for a short while on her upward step, then they realise and come falling down against her body. If you love big boobs bouncing, jiggling and flopping about then this is for you. Almost 20 minutes of boobs bouncing and jumping as she does her rope jumps.

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bouncing boobs huge tits slow motion exercise jumping