EroticaBabes - Charley Green smoking FemDom


EroticaBabes - Charley Green smoking FemDom
You are late for your session with your FemDom Charley. You kneel before her as she tells you off. Your punishment is to be her ashtray and to lick her boots clean. She tells you how worthless you are and how she is going to ignore you and make you suck on the heel of her boobs like you were sucking a dick. She blows smoke at you from her e-cigarette. She tells you she will stamp on your balls and small dick and does not want to hear a sound or murmur from you. Charley pulls out her massive tits and tells you that you will never feel them, suck them or play with them. She licks her nipples and tells you will never play with her massive heavy boobs. If you like strong woman who dominate you then and have a smoking fetish then this video is perfect. Filmed with 2 cameras which we swap between the two viewpoints throughout the video.

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