EroticaBabes - Charley Green tied and hanging


EroticaBabes - Charley Green tied and hanging
Charley Green is in bed in bondage. The best way to see her in our view. She is laying on her tummy with her boobs hanging over the edge of the bed. She has rope bondage on her torso to stop her moving from that position. She plays with her boobs, pulling them up and letting them drop. Slapping them from underneath. Most of this is in slow motioni so you really get to see her boobs bounce, jiggle and the weight of her boob flesh as it settles back into place. Her hands gets lost in her boobs as she slaps and pushes them about. There's also a normal speed section of the same thing. Her boobs looks massive. There's two camera angles, a low down right in front of Charley's boobs and a wider shot too. We swap between the two viewpoints throughout the video. The detail in her shots is superb, really showing Charley's skin and marks as she pulls, tugs and swings her boobs. You can tell natural boobs in the way that they move. Here there's no argument that Charleys has natural boobs. We swap to a low down camera angle looking up at Charley's boobs, and what a sight. Close up you get to see the small dimple appear in her boob as she jiggles them up and down. Side to side you aget mesmorised by her tits, she has you under her control. Move lifting and dropping of her boobs. At normal speed and in close motion. We then swap to spending some time looking at Charley's bare ass. There are two ropes that run over the top of her and as she moves they pull into her ass cheeks. We see this from a number of different angles, again at slow and normal speed. You see the temporary marks left by the rope as she pushes against it. There's some great detail her and you really feel like you are there. At 07:50 its all over too soon, hopefully you are all over too

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