EroticaBabes - Charley Green treadmill tits


EroticaBabes - Charley Green treadmill tits
Charley is on our treadmill giving it some paces. She is topless from the start. Her huge boobs look awesome as she walks and bounces along. We show you her marvellous tits from all angles using two high end cameras. You get to see some the front, from the side, from behind, from low down looking up. All the time Charley moves along at a brisk walking pace letting her huge natural boobs bounce, sway and jiggle. Not content with showing you this spectacle at normal speed, we have added onto the end of the video around 10 minutes of slow motion footage too! Uninterrupted view of Charley's boobs moving about at 25% normal speed. This slow motion allows you to see the weight and movement in Charely's tits like no other. Charley loves to review this footage once we've shot it as she thinks her tits in slow motion are epic, they make her laugh as they are so huge. We have to agree with her. Super slow motion without any loss of quality or flicker, that's what this scene it. You know that we love to shoot slow motion. This scene is a must.

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