EroticaBabes - Charley Green yoga tits


EroticaBabes - Charley Green yoga tits
Charley announces that she has decided to try yoga. She admits she has no idea what to do, but wants to give it a go. She has purchased a while bodysuit, which barely contains her huge tits. As you will see, it does not contain her huge boobs! Charley starts off with some shapes and poses and flows from one position to another. It is not long before one of her boobs fall out, and then she removes both shoulder straps so both tits are free to join in the exercise and stretching. There are some great poses with hanging boobs, and laying on her side so her tits flop onto the floor. There's poses on her back and tummy too. She ends up facing the camera with a wide leg splits and boobs hanging forward as she leans towards the camera. We have used two cameras to record this scene, both high end cameras. One on a tripod giving a wide angle and a handheld viewpoint for closer and lower and higher viewpoints. This is a great scene of Charley moving and posing and allows you to see her big natural boobs fall, wobble, swing and move as she moves.

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