EroticaBabes - Chessie Kay ballerina tease


EroticaBabes - Chessie Kay ballerina tease
Chessie Kay is wearing just a training ballet tutu, she is nude underneath. She explains that she has just failed ballet school so she decides she wants to try and do some modelling instead. She asks if you want to see and she starts to show you what she has been practising doing. She works through a range of poses. The lighting is side lighting which shows off Chessie's curves and slim toned body. The side lighting does mean the light is contrasty so there are some shadows. She tells you she also fancies doing a bit of porn and asks you if she thinks she would be any good at it. She squats down and starts to play with her pussy, she tells you she is not shy. She swaps onto all fours and pushes her ass in the air. You get to see those famous big pussy lips of hers. Her massive tits looks great in the lighting and it's a tease to get a glimpse of pussy now and again throughout the video. Shot in HD 1080p using two high end DSLR cameras with separate high quality audio.

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