EroticaBabes - Danielle Maye bum walk


EroticaBabes - Danielle Maye bum walk
This video tracks Danielle as she walks away and back towards the camera showing her graceful curves and her body in motion. This was shot in a outside location and was fairly sunny for a change, even though it was March in the UK. She starts with a very skimpy pair of denim shorts and a lose top which later in the video she removes to walk about fully nude. There's some slow motion sequences showing her grace and flowing lines and she moves and walk away and back towards the camera. The camera is static on a tripod for some of the scene and handheld for part of it too. That said, the camera work is not jerky or erratic. The framing changes from being close up and near Danielle's bum to a full length shot as per the video thumbnail. This was shot in HD with a DSLR camera.

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blonde ass ass worship outdoors slow motion