EroticaBabes - Danielle Maye pregnant water pistol fun


EroticaBabes - Danielle Maye pregnant water pistol fun
We join Danielle Maye right at the start of this scene. You even get to see and hear her introduce the scene and work the clapperboard. The clapperboard helps to sync the two cameras and separate audio recording when in the edit suite, it's a visual and audible reference point on all sources. Dannielle is wearing a thin cotton top and is nude underneath. At 8 months pregnant she has a swollen belly and boobs. She puts on a blindfold as we wanted her to be surprised when the water from the water pistol made contact, that reaction is partly taken away when you can see. We have a small water pistol as we wanted to prolonged the event and build up the wetness in her cotton top, rather than soak her completely in one squirt! This was filmed with two cameras, a close up framed shot and a wider three quarter length shot. We swap between the two views throughout the video. There are slow motion sequences interspersed throughout the action so you can see again the jets of water as they land on Danielle. By the end of the scene Danielle's top is transparent and clinging to her pregnant body. Her nipples are hard and pocking through the material. She looks so hot and sexy and the lighting helps to show off her curves and pregnant form. You will see a male hand and arm appear a few times in frame as I squirt the water at Danielle.

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