EroticaBabes - Denise Davies maid to spank


EroticaBabes - Denise Davies maid to spank
Denise is wearing a maids outfit and doing some dusting around the bed. She does the bedframe with her duster on a stick. She then knees on the bed to get a better angle on the headboard for dusting. She notices a spanking paddle which was buried under the cushions / pillows on the bed. She picks it up and says out loud, "I wonder what this will feel on my boobs and my butt". You can probably guess where this is going. Denise starts to tap the paddle on her tits under her outfit. She then decides to pull her tits out and carries on spanking them. The paddle is heavy so has some momentum behind it, however Denise is gentle with her taps on her tits. This is not a hard-core spanking video. She continues to tap her boobs with the paddle and then swaps to hitting her ass too. She has small black panties on which stay on for the duration of the clip, so only here boobs are on show in the scene. Denise works through a range of poses from kneeling, to all fours to laying down on the bed propping herself up. We have placed a slow motion sequence onto the end of the video which gives you the opportunity to see her massive natural tits quiver and ripple when she hits them. Even with her slow and gentle taps, her tits respond. If you love huge natural tits, then this is for you.

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