EroticaBabes - Denise Davies yoga poses topless


EroticaBabes - Denise Davies yoga poses topless
Denise takes us through some of the yoga poses she does. She starts off wearing her gym gear, although she is braless. That soon becomes apparent as her huge tits hang down as she poses. We follow her movements through a range of floor based positions. We have two camera and swap between the camera angles. The first two thirds of the video are with Denise in her gym gear. In the final third, she removes her top and repeats some of the poses topless. Buy those heavy hangers show there massive form. Her boobs have a job following her as she poses. They hang, sway, fall and settle as she moves and changes position. This is typical yoga, so it is slow paced and restful so you get plenty of time to ogle at Denise's' boobs! Just look at those massive nipples too.

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