EroticaBabes - Elaine big boobs from above


EroticaBabes - Elaine big boobs from above
This model Elaine came to us as she wanted to get some sexy photos of herself. We persuaded her to shoot some video footage too for our site, and obviously paid her. Her only stipulation was that she remained anonymous, hence not showing her face, and worked up to topless. Her boobs are all natural and very very firm, probably the firmest we've seen. No sagging or drooping at all. In this scene Elaine starts by laying on her back and the camera is positioned overhead as she shakes, jiggles and plays with her boobs. There's some slow motion sequences in there too! Then she changes position to where she lays face down on the bed and presses down on her boobs and then inches forwards to let her boobs hang over the edge of the bed and shakes and wobbles them in that position too. Pulling and tweaking her nipples. Such wonderful natural large breasts. We did a couple of shoots with Elaine before she disappeared from the scene because of her daytime job.

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