EroticaBabes - Ellie Roe nipple pegs and bouncing boobs


EroticaBabes - Ellie Roe nipple pegs and bouncing boobs
Ellie is nude and sitting on the bed. Besides her is a plastic box full of clothes pegs. She opens the box with her long slender fingers and picks out a single peg. They are the old fashioned wooden pegs. She pulls it towards her and teases us with it between her cleavage for a short while. She then open the jaws of the peg and places it over one of her nipples. Once on her nipple she flicks the peg playfully with her finger. There is a lot of slow motion sequences in this video as the pegs on Ellie's boobs look marvellous. In slow motion she wobbles, jiggles and ripples her tit flesh. Her stretch marks on her tits are plain to see and stand out prominently in this clip. Ellie puts more pegs on her tits until she has quite a few. Each peg grabs large amounts of boob flesh. Ellie then reverses the process and removes the pegs. She leaves some temporary skin marks where the pegs have been on her boobs. This video has great clarity and is in close with Ellie. The camera moves around as she plays with the pegs and gets in close as well as taking wider framed shots too. Those many fans of Ellie this is one of your collection. She is as sexy as every, even though she never speaks in this particular video.

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