EroticaBabes - Ellie Roe pumping Ellie


EroticaBabes - Ellie Roe pumping Ellie
Ellie Roe is testing out our pussy and boobs pumps. She confesses right off the bat that she has not used anything like this before. We have given her a whole array of pumps of various sizes and shapes. Some are for boobs and some are for pumping up pussy. Ellie is nude from the start and picks up the large cup breast pump and starts to pump out the air. Her boob swells up and fills the plastic cup. She soon releases the pressure and her boob drops out. She repeats this process, making sure we get a good view of her boob swelling up and her nipple enlarging as the vacuum takes effect. She tells you how it feels. Ellie then swaps to the other boob so it is not left out. After some more boob pumping Ellie decides to try a different pump. She plumbs for the pussy pump. She places it on her pussy and starts to pump, her lips swell up and start to fill the plastic cup. She releases the pressure and carries on, it is quite difficult to get a good airtight seal. Ellie decided to move to a penis pump and place that on her pussy around her clit. She finds it soon steams up from her wet pussy and has to clean the inside of the tube before placing it back on her pussy. She pumps away hard on the handle and slowly the vacuum pulls her pussy out. Visibility is not brilliant with this pump due to it's small size and Ellie's moist wet pussy. This video is shot with two 1080p HD cameras and the scene swaps between the two viewpoints, one tripod mounted the other a handheld shot.

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