EroticaBabes - Ellie Roe spanking Ellie


EroticaBabes - Ellie Roe spanking Ellie
Ellie tells you that she has heard that you like to see her spanking her ass and doing some wobbling too. She obliges like the well mannered English lady that she is. She is nude from the start to the end of the video and Ellie chats to you during the video. The quality of the sound and picture are brilliant. It was shot on the Sony A7III mirrorless camera and recorded at 100 frames per second in 1080p HD. The slow motion sequences are slowed to a very slow 25% of the normal speed, rather than the normal 50% speed of most slow motion. This makes the action so much slower, but with no loss of quality as it is still played back at 25FPS, which is normal cinema film speed. Ellie works through a range on poses and this video, on all fours, kneeling and all the time the camera is focusing on her ass. The framing is either full frame of Ellie's ass, or wider framed shots with all of her in. You can see now and again that Ellie is checking herself out in the full length dance mirrors that out studio has behind the camera. The spanking Ellie does is failry hard, with the objective of getting her thighs and ass to wobble and jiggle, but not hard enough to leave red marks or hand imprints. She does some small taps and full on had spanks, both of which she does brilliantly. There are sequences where you see a ripple effect as the motion travels along her body. This is a must of Ellie followers and anyone who loves to see jiggling and wobbling thighs and ass. Ellie does some wobbling on all fours in between some of the spanks.

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