EroticaBabes - Ellie Roe treadmill run Ellie run


EroticaBabes - Ellie Roe treadmill run Ellie run
Ellie Roe does a turn on our treadmill. She starts off with a gym top and green gym bottoms, she is nude underneath and is also bare footed. There are two camera angles used throughout this video and we swap between them over the duration of the scene. There is also a mix of normal speed and slow motion too. The slow motion sequences are some of the best we have shot. Ellie does the first part of the video clothed and we focus on her ass, legs, feet and upper body. The cameras are mainly from behind or side on for the duration of this part. Then Ellie stop running and we cut to a front view of Ellie as she removes her top to show her awesome natural boobs. We spend the remainder of the video looking at Ellie's magnificent boobs as she runs and walks, there's some super slow motion and normal speed sequences here. If this does not make you wand to hit the gym to see if Ellie is there then nothing will. This is one hot scene in more ways than one, see if you can last until the end. Shot in HD 1080p using two DSLR cameras.

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big boobs big tits ass shaking slow motion exercise