EroticaBabes - Gemma Lou dusty chairs tease


EroticaBabes - Gemma Lou dusty chairs tease
Gemma Lou helps out in the studio with some light dusting. She is wearing a very small black bra which gives her tits a massive uplift and somehow still manages to keep them held in. She has a pair black knickers on and a black cardigan. Finally she sets off her look with a pair of black court shoes. There's no nudity in this scene, just tease. Plenty of cleavage, legs and ass. We follow her like a fly on the wall type scene as she moves from chair to chair dusting as she goes. Occasionally she will sit down on one of the chairs as she cleans the one next to it, other times she will squat down so we loom over her massive tits. This was shot with 2 HD DSRLs, however most of the footage is taken from one which is close up and follows Gemma around as she dusts.

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