EroticaBabes - Gemma Lou headboard ropes


EroticaBabes - Gemma Lou headboard ropes
Gemma Lou is tied up against the metal headboard frame which is resting against the wall. She is in rope bondage with a tie around each ankle and wrist. Each rope is tied off on the headboard frame so she can't move too much or get away. She is topless and wearing heels and a pair of knickers. She spends the entire scene pulling on the ropes and trying to loosen them. There is no frantic struggling here more of a lady like approach to trying to loosen those ropes. There are two cameras used to shoot this scene, one set medium wide and the other in closer. Both cameras are high end DSLRs and good quality audio is captured separately. The scene is shot in HD 1080p. There's plenty of time spend looking at Gemma's massive tits and large areola. She looks so hot all tied up there, would you release her, or tease her.

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big boobs big tits bondage restraints slow motion bondage rope