EroticaBabes - Gemma Lou metal restraints


EroticaBabes - Gemma Lou metal restraints
Gemma in in bed wearing a leg spreaderbar and neck and wrist bar. She is nude apart from a pair of panties. She moves about frequently changing positions in an attempt to break free. It's all a but futile as the leather and metal restraints won't release her. There's some great hanging boob sequences with her large natural boobs bouncing and swaying as she tries to release her wrists. There's good sound too from the metal restraints. Gemma wears her long hair down for this and it flows and falls as she moves about. There are frequent camera angle changes from wide to close with the two cameras as well as different positions for each camera. It really feels like you are there watching her struggle and move about on the bed. You'll love how her boobs bounce and move as she frequently swaps position. There's plenty of eye contact with you as well, those sorry come and release me eyes are very powerful. Does she get out? Well no, but that does not stop her from trying

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