EroticaBabes - Gemma Lou oily boobs


EroticaBabes - Gemma Lou oily boobs
Gemma is topless and seated. She starts to spray water on her boobs which forms droplets of water. They roll down her boobs and she sprays them again a couple more times. She then picks up a bottle of baby oil and rubs oil over her boobs. She massages them well and plays with them. She picks up the water spray again and sprays her boobs. The water droplets form much better and tumble off her boobs. She plays with her boobs, massaging them, shaking them and squeezing them together. Rubbing, shaking, squeezing is also shown in slow motion. Gemma picks up more spray and gives her boobs another dosing of water. The droplets cascade off her boobs and she brushes them off, her nipples getting big and stiff as the cold water takes effect. She leans forward wobbling her boobs. She runs her hands over them and the applies some more oil. Rub it in well Gemma. She spends time making sure every inch of her massive natural boobs are oily. Even her forearms get in the action. Some more shaking, squeezing and wobbling. Boy does she have awesome tits. Then it's more water! Spray, spray, spray. The water drops bead up on her oily skin and run off like a waxed car bonnet. She pulls her tit flesh through her hands and gets the water off her boobs. Time for more slapping and squeezing. Then more oil! You can't have enough oil it seems. Gemma gives each boob a good amount of oil and massages it in making sure it's all over. She lets them slide under her hands, the weight of her boobs easily slides underneath her hands. Rub those nipples and caress that boob flesh. Bounce bounce bounce, jiggle, jiggle, jiggle. Oh those boobs need more water. Some slow motion sequences of the ware running off the oil and down her boob mountains. A squeeze of the trigger and a stream of fluid bounces onto her boobs. Then it's time to rub it off again. Oh so sexy. The whole video is shot with 2 camera angles, a close up in your face boob view and a wider three quarter view. The video swaps between the two views, but mostly stays on the closer framing

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big boobs big tits lotion/oil fetish wet look slow motion