EroticaBabes - Gemma Lou outdoor exercise


EroticaBabes - Gemma Lou outdoor exercise
Gemma Lou is outside in the garden doing some exercises. She starts off on a small trampoline, wearing a gym top, no bra and a pair of gym shorts. You get to see her boobs bouncing at normal speed and slow motion inside the black top. At 2 minutes in she removes her top and is topless, still bouncing on the trampoline. Again a mix of normal and slow motion sequences from two camera angles. The wide angle gets all of her in, the close up is a three quarter top crop. You can see Gemma's large nipples and boobs bouncing and falling under their own weight as she bounces up and down on the trampoline. At 6 mins we move onto the grass for a spot of hula hoop. First clothed, wearing the black gym top and she shows her hula hooping skills. Again there's a mix of close up and side camera angles here, along with normal speed and slow motion sequences. At 8 mins in, Gemma removes her top and spends the rest of the session topless and hula hooping. Some super shots of those big tits bouncing and slapping together. Again, slow motion and normal speed with two camera angles. There's quite a bit of bending over too, to pick up the hula hoop, so there's some boob hanging sequences too. The clarity and quality of the video on this section is really good. You can see all the little bumps on Gemma's massive nipples in the close up camera angle

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