EroticaBabes - Gemma Lou round about


EroticaBabes - Gemma Lou round about
Gemma Lou crawls in on all fours, with her massive natural boobs hanging down. Wearing just panties she crawls around you in a circle. You rotate and follow her around. There's some slow motion sequences of Gemma crawling around in front of you. She stops and sits in front of you and plays with her boobs, swinging and jiggling them, again in slow motion. Then is back off to crawling again, teasing you by going quicker and slower so you have to work to keep her in view. She stops and jiggles and wiggles her boobs. Hanging down they are free to wobble and move naturally. She then sits down in front of the sofa and again bounces and swings her massive natural boobs. Then she is off again and continues to crawl in front of you. What a tease! All the time she gives you have come her look until she finally crawls off into the distance. Do you follow her? Of course you do

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