EroticaBabes - Gemma Lou treadmill topless boobs


EroticaBabes - Gemma Lou treadmill topless boobs
Gemma Lou is on our treadmill wearing her gym gear. She is bra less and barefoot. She has a pair of pink yoga pants on a black halter neck top. She uses the treadmill at walking pace and we see her boobs sway and bob gently with her motion. We have 2 cameras and swap between the two angles throughout the length of the video. There's also some slow motion sequences too mixed in over the duration of the video. At 04:00 Gemma stops and gets off the treadmill. She picks up a bottle of water and takes a sip from it. Then removes her top over her head and dribbles some water onto her neck, this runs down onto her boobs. She repeats this a number of times, her boobs obviously got a little too hot. She rubs the water in and kneads her boobs a little. She then gets back onto the treadmill, this time topless. She again keeps to a walking pace as we watch her jiggle and bounce her boobs about as she walks. There's some great slow motion sequences and a lot of angle changes so you get to see her boobs from in front, from the side, low down looking up as well as her feet. The video mainly concentrates on her boobs. Filmed in HD 1080p on two full frame DSLR cameras.

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