EroticaBabes - Jordan Pryce white apron


EroticaBabes - Jordan Pryce white apron
Jordan Pryce is wearing an odd combination. A white apron and pink high heeled shoes. She is posing on a butcher's trolley, hence the apron I guess! It's not long before Jordan starts to rub her naked pussy and spread her ass cheeks for you. Her massive tits soon breakout too, as she plays with and licks her nipples. There are 2 camera angles used here; a wide and a close up. The video swaps between the two during the scene. At 4:30min Jordan breaks out the Rabbit vibrator toy, also in white. She sucks it and plays with it against her boobs and nipples. Simulating a tittyfuck and teasing her nipples with the tip. She then drops down to her pussy and pushes the toy into her wet cunt. She pumps the toy back and forwards and we get a good close up view of her. Jordan then swaps positions and squats down on the floor. The low camera angles make it look as though we're on the floor with her too. We watch as she pounds her pussy and whilst she talks to you in her thick Russian accent. She rubs her clit hard whilst pumping the toy in and out of her pussy. She gets to the point of an orgasm and pulls out the toy and sucks the end

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