EroticaBabes - KylieK pregnant hula hoop no.2


EroticaBabes - KylieK pregnant hula hoop no.2
Kylie is heavily pregnant in this scene and in her third trimester. We asked Kylie to do some hula hooping. We have done this before with her, as she admits herself that it's not one of her life skills! Still not perturbed she gives it a go. Her massive swollen belly and boobs do not help her with her hula hoop skills in fairness. We filmed this with two HD cameras, one handheld and the other static on a tripod. We cut between the two camera angles, and cover a range of tight, medium and wide framed shots. There is a whole segment on the end in slow motion, so you get to see Kylie's fabulous figure in slow motion and at normal speed. It was filmed in HD 1080p at 100 frames per second and the slow motion was slowed by 50%. This gives superb quality, no flicker and good results. If you love your ladies pregnant then this video is for you! Kylie's body looks fabulous and she looks very sexy, she is fully nude throughout the video and swaps positions from front on, side on and back views. The camera also shows low angles looking up and normal height too. So a whole mix of interest for you.

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