EroticaBabes - Lola-Marie bouncing Lola


EroticaBabes - Lola-Marie bouncing Lola
We do have a thing about bouncing boobs and asses. In this scene Lola-Marie is on a small trampoline and is wearing a black shirt, she is nude underneath. She starts bouncing and within the first minute has unbuttoned her shirt to reveal some great cleavage. She turns around and pulls up the shirt to show her cute ass as she bounces, when she turns back to face the camera, the remaining buttons are undone and her boobs make a welcome appearance. There are 2 camera angles in this video and we swap between a close up and medium wide shot throughout the video. There's also some great slow motion sequences mixed in to give you a great view of her bouncing body. Those large natural boobs look awesome as she bounces about, so does her ass. The slow motion shows some great views of her ass clapping together in a low impact bounce. Lola-Marie changes positions as she bounces so you get to see front, side on and rear views of her body. She does some stop start bouncing too, so you get to see her boobs return to their normal position after a bounce. They jiggle and bounce for your pleasure. We repeat the start stop with her ass too, so you get to worship that butt also. Again more slow motion sequences allow you to really relish her body and its natural movement. Lola-Marie leans forward letting her boobs hang and she does more start stop bouncing which looks fabulous. We swap between a close up and medium wide views and normal and slow motion in this pose. Imagine her straddling you as she bounces up and down on your dick. Marvellous

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