EroticaBabes - Lola-Marie pink bouncing ball


EroticaBabes - Lola-Marie pink bouncing ball
Lola-Marie is starts of with a bra and knickers and is bouncing up and down on a pink gym ball while seated on it. She is her normal playful self and works through a range of moves, facing the camera to start with and then moving to a side profile view. There are two cameras which give a close up and medium wide angle. The video swaps between the 2 views throughout the clip. Lola-Marie starts to get hot with all that bouncing and at 02:44 she starts to remove her bra. This will obviously cool her down immensely. She then returns to bouncing and we get to see her wonderful natural breasts bounce and jiggle as she moves up and down. You can marvel at her large nipples as they move up and down your screen. Lola-Marie changes positions whilst topless, starting from the front, and then moving to a side profile pose. At 04:35 Lola-Marie removes her knickers and is now completely nude. Bouncing re-commences and you see her great shape as she works on her bouncing technique. You get to see her bum and thighs squash as she lands back on the ball. Lola-Marie then lays on the ball on her tummy to change the position a little. She lets her breasts hang down and then she rolls backwards and forwards on the ball. Her boobs get squashed and then hang as she rolls backwards and forwards. She then returns to some more bouncing on the ball in the seated position. You get to see Lola-Marie from all sides, front, side and back view. There's also some slow motion sequences from various viewpoints so you can really see those boobs moving, jiggling and landing against her chest as she bounces, as well as her ass flattening and squishing as she lands back on the ball. Great stuff

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big boobs workout/gym ass shaking slow motion boob bouncing