EroticaBabes - Lola-Marie windscreen sex


EroticaBabes - Lola-Marie windscreen sex
Lola-Marie strolls into the garage and is taken by surprise by the car that's in there. She decides that she wants to give the windscreen a clean and starts to spray it with a cleaner and buff it off with a duster. She starts to get turned on by the effort, how the material of her top is rubbing against her nipples, she is not wear a bra. She carries on and finds that she is aroused by the smell of the glass cleaner, she gets in close and smells it and it takes her over the edge. She decides to remove her top, shoes and black leather skirt. Completely naked she carries on cleaning the windscreen, pressing her naked body against the cool glass and licking and kissing the glass. The sensation gets her hot and wet between the legs. We view 95% of this action from inside the car looking out as Lola-Marie mashes her boobs against the glass and slides up and down and across our field of vision. The kissing and touching get more intense until there's a point that she has to stand up on a bench by the side of the car and masturbate. She uses her fingers and a black vibrator to bring herself off. She finishes off at the end coming back to the car and looking through the windscreen giving the camera those hot come to bed eyes. She loves this car so much. This was shot with 3 cameras, 2 inside the car and 1 outside.

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