EroticaBabes - Louise Skye good vibrations


EroticaBabes - Louise Skye good vibrations
Slender and toned Louise-Skye is going to try out our Hitachi Wand. She is nude, laying on her back on the bed. She turns on the wand and pushes it against her pussy. She moans and groans straightaway as she knows how good it feels. After a few seconds she speeds up the wand, which has a separate controller for speed. We get in close at 01:35 MM:SS and show you her pussy lips in slow motion being vibrated by the wand. There's some serious vibrations of her pussy lips. We stay in close as we drop back to normal speed. She has to slow the wand down otherwise she would have cum at the point. Those vibrating pussy lips are a joy to see and we show you her clit hood and lips wobbling from the application of the wand. It's no wonder girls love this toy. We cut from close up and medium wide shots so you can see Louise-Skye writhe about and enjoy the toy. She pulls her lips aside to get the head in tight against her clit. She turns up the speed again at 04:30 MM:SS and you get to see her face. She is enjoying this that's for sure. We go in close to look at her pussy as she pushes the toy up and down her crack. At 05:55 MM:SS she rolls off her back and onto all fours with her ass pointing straight at the camera. We can see her face as she humps the toy. She's getting the full enjoyment on her pussy. Her clit is super sensitive by this time, and her nipples are hard and erect. She's loving it and enthusiastically rubs the toy over her pussy lips. She spreads her ass and gapes her pussy. At 08:29 MM:SS she is back to laying down on the bed, this time on her side. We hear her turn up the machine and the effect is almost instantaneous. We swap to an over at 11:00 MM:SS which gives you a great view of Louise-Skye's body. She is loving this, playing with the speed and rubbing the toy. She will be buying one of these toys that's for sure. An intense orgasm happens towards the end of the video, loads of quivering, vocal noise and thrusting against the toy. She cums hard and long.

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