EroticaBabes - Sapphire and Roxy boob sucking


EroticaBabes - Sapphire and Roxy boob sucking
Sapphire Blue and Roxy get into some intensive boob sucking in this scene. Both girls have large natural breasts. They start off on the chaise longue with Sapphire on top of Roxy. Sapphire licks Roxy's nipples and then proceeds to suck her boobs hard. She opens her mouth as wide as she can and sucks in as much boob flesh as her small mouth can accommodate. Sapphire then pulls away from Roxy whilst still sucking her boob until it drops out of her mouth. She repeats this many times on each of Roxy's boobs.Roxy arches her back and pushes into the sensation showing that she enjoys it as Sapphire pulls and sucks on her boobs. They then swap places and it's Roxys turn to suck on Sapphire boobs. Sapphire suggests that they will be more comfortable on the bed. So they move over to the bed, Roxy lays down first and Sapphire gets on top of her. They proceed to continue with the boob sucking from the comfort of the bed. Again they take it in turns to suck each others boobs. The lighting is ideal her as you get to see the stretch marks as Roxy pulls on Sapphire's boob. The camera gets in close for most of this video and we focus mainly on their boobs and mouth as their boobs are sucked and pulled. This is shot in 4K with a Sony A7iii camera with separate audio. It was ordered as a non-exclusive custom video.

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big boobs big tits all natural tit sucking / nipple fetish