EroticaBabes - Stella Cox Cox crop


EroticaBabes - Stella Cox Cox crop
Stella is nude apart from a leather harness and pair of black high heels, oh she also has a riding crop. She is standing to start with and teases us with the riding crop across her body. She then sits down and opens her legs and starts to lightly spank her inner thighs. She also spanks and flicks her pussy with the crop. The camera moves between wide and close up shots allowing you to see both the detail and the wider scene. Stella then moves onto her boobs with the crop. She then starts to cup her tits with the crop and play with them letting them drop and bounce. There are some slow motion sequences here so you can really see her large natural tits wobble and jiggle as she lets them drop. Stella then gets up and turns around so we can focus on her ass. She plays with the crop and teases us with her ass. Returning to the seated position, Stella opens her legs again and plays with the crop on her inner thighs, pussy and boobs. Her pussy lips are pushed out between the leather harness and she plays and teases them. She finishes the scene by putting the crop in her mouth and looking at the camera seductively

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