EroticaBabes - Tallulah BTS speculum and anal medical


EroticaBabes - Tallulah BTS speculum and anal medical
I left the video camera running as I was shooting some stills so thought you would like to see the resulting video. In it Tallulah has a range of medical tools, anal dilator, speculum and Jennings mouth gag. She works her way through them all as I take some photos in the background. Thankfully I appear very briefly as fleeting glimpses a couple of times, just a hand, arm or part of my camera. As I say, it was a tripod mounted behind the scenes clip. The camera is moved to get close up shots as well as wide one, so you have different angles and viewpoints through the clip. You see Tallulah stick stuff up her ass and into her pussy. Up close and personal and we grab has a super gaping pussy shot towards the end of the video with the speculum wide open.

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