EroticaBabes - Tallulah orgasm tower


EroticaBabes - Tallulah orgasm tower
Tallulah is about try to out our orgasm tower. She enters the scene dressed in a figure hugging latex outfit and starts to look at the device. It has straps, a Hitachi want in place. She wants to try it out. She looks around to see if she's alone. Yup she is. She steps into the device and places the wand tip onto her pussy. We fade and return with her fully strapped in and the Hitachi wand doing it's thing on her pussy. Tallulah ain't going anywhere. Ankles, wrists, neck as all secured as the vibrations work on her pussy and clit. You can see the intensity of the feeling build, Tallulah moans and groans with more and more intensity. She is loving it! She builds her orgasm, 3 mins in and she's nearly there! It's such a powerful device and a girl's best friend. She looks in agony and pleasure at the same time. She's really reaching the point of no return, at 04:30 mm:ss she tries her best to relax and let the orgasm die down so she has more time to savour the toy. It doesn't last long! She's back to raptures at 05:22 mm:ss. Just look at her eyes and voice. Blimey she is enjoying this. Her legs are starting to quiver and shake. Just look at the toes, curled up and feeling the moment, 06:37 mm:ss and she's over the edge and cums. We then watches her come down off the peak and back to normality, she laughs and says, this is such a hard job

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