EroticaBabes - Tallulah pee


EroticaBabes - Tallulah pee
Tallulah is bursting for a pee. She is wearing a black girdle with suspender and black stockings. She has a small crop top and most importantly no knickers. We start off with a three quarter view of her and then cut in close to her running her fingers up and down her pussy. She needs to pee so bad. She puts two fingers into her mouth and pushes them in and out with a wide open mouth. She then runs her hands over her body. We cut to her squatting on the floor with her legs wide open. We get in close with the camera as she starts her pee stream. It gushes out and some runs down the inside of her inner thigh and trickles onto the floor. Her main stream is hard and long. Her pussy fills the screen as she pushes out her bladder full of pee. This was shot using our Canon Handycam back in 2015, so the quality is HD 1080p, the audio has some low level background hiss, it's not overpowering. The camera work is a little jerky in a couple of places for a few seconds as the camera is re-adjusted. We zoom out to see a large puddle off pee building as Tallulah continues to let out her piss. The pee starts to run towards her stocking feet as she's in the corner of the room and has nowhere to run too. She stops her peeing and rubs her pussy. You can see the drips and splashes from her pee on her inner thighs and ass cheeks. She leans forward and runs her finger tips through her warm puddle of pee.

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pee garter & stockings wet & messy slow motion